The Headerhunter Rants...

Headhunters banned from Facebook, Linkedin and Twitter

In an unprecedented government intervention, the Department of Justice has banned all headhunters from using the 3 top social media services.

Citing unfair access to key employees at high tech companies with government “affiliations,” the DOJ has created a no-Tweet, no-Friend and no-Link restriction for those in the Recruiting profession.

Sam Mohammad, one of the leading search executives at Wheat & Wizard International was quoted as saying, “Gimme a break! We need these services so that old-fashioned traditional headhunting doesn’t come back into practice right under our noses!”

I, for one, find this very interesting.


Remember 1997? : The Labor Drought

According to a cover article in the June 30th, 1997 Computerworld, by Julia King, the “IS labor drought will last past 2003″. The Information Services labor shortage isn’t temporary. Forecasters say it will be a fact of corporate life for the next six to eight years. And it’s going to cost a bundle.” The article goes on to say that “the talent shortage could cost as much as $15 billion per year in higher compensation costs, plus as much as $500 billion per year in lost corporate revenue from uncompleted information systems projects.”

My Very Personal On-line Resume Experience

A Research Project

Last month I received a call from an attorney on the East Coast. He had been surfing the Web and uncovered my company’s site and had apparently read the “Meet our Staff” section which contained a brief bio of myself.

He called to tell me that he wanted to hire me to be an expert witness in a case involving two well-known firms who were litigating. One firm had allegedly “stolen” a number of technical staff from the other firm and this, of course, is a corporate no-no. He felt that a deposition from me about the current staffing situation for engineers could be of benefit to the plaintiff and he requested that I send a full copy of my resume for the trial lawyer to review.


(For Employers Only)

The other day I was sitting at my desk minding my own business when an IS executive called me for help on some positions in his department. Being in a peculiarly good mood that day, I really listened hard to his problem and jotted down a few notes. It seems that the firms they were working with weren’t coming through with the AS/400 talent they needed, so he asked me if my organization could try a new twist on solving the staffing problem. What was the new twist? Temp to perm. Something none of us have ever heard of — NOT! I told him that we would plug into this new angle with vigor and emailed the spec to my team of recruiters. Sure enough within a day or two a candidate surfaced who was very interested in the idea and we presented the resume with confidence.

Electronic Search, Inc. 100% Y2K compliant, President Touts

Yes, it’s true, after exhaustive Y2K preparedness projects and follow-up testing, “Electronic Search, Inc. is 100% compliant,” touted Steve Eddington, President of the Rolling Meadows, IL based staffing firm.

“It was grueling to say the least,” stated Eddington, now sequestered and waiting aboard his New Orleans docked shrimp boat, ” ’cause EVERYTHING these days has a gosh-darned microprocessor in it!”

“We had a bit of a problem at first with the tropical plants. Most of the microprocessors are pretty well hidden deep in the stems, and the plants themselves were in denial about the whole process, even thought they had been advised repeatedly over the last 12 months that they were not Y2K compliant. We needed sort of a Mr. Green Jeans kind of guy who could come in and really devise an appropriate organic procedure to eliminate fatalities while swapping the appropriate boards. Then there was the ever-present danger of the plant rejecting the new chip or just getting overly perturbed. All heck could have broken loose if we didn’t use laser-precise gardening tools. We have Marvin Stewart (sort of a Mr. Green Jeans kind of guy we hired) to thank for a successful project during which we only lost one Boston Fern. Although some are healing slowly, all plants ARE Y2K compliant as of this date.