The Headerhunter Rants...

Customer Service is Still Alive and Well

I am a coffee drinker and not unlike many people, I have developed a daily coffee routine that involves a trip to one of the large coffee providers. During the week, on the way to work in the morning, I stop by a convenient coffee shop that also has a reputation for super good doughnuts.

Over the last few months, the staff in the shop has changed due to a new owner, but the core staff has remained the same, and I have reached the status of a “regular.”

My first few weeks when I approached the counter I was greeted with a nice hello and a “can I help you?”

My answer was always “yes, I would like a large coffee with cream.” To clarify, I was asked.”just cream?” and I would answer “just cream.”

The Hiring Decision – In the Current Job Market, Who’s on First?

I have had the opportunity to observe and be directly involved in hundreds of hiring decisions through the years.
As the saying goes, I have seen (almost) everything.

As the headhunter, we have the distinct pleasure of being the guys in the middle.
This allows us to speak with the employer and the candidate and get the perspective of everyone involved. Because of this, we sometimes find ourselves in the line of fire from 2 different directions.

The candidate perspective in the current market is generally “who do I have to kill to get the job” and the employer side is usually, “we see no reason to hire you at this time since you are one of 1000 guys who wants our job and we’re in no hurry cause the job can get filled whenever we see fit with whomever we want.”

The Intoxicating Magic of the Rolodex

By Steve Eddington

Having been a headhunter these x years, I have had the opportunity to be on a fascinating playing field. I talk to companies about what they want and I go and get it for them. They pay me for my skill and tenacity, perseverance and pain, in the relentless search for the “perfect” candidate. What does “perfection” really mean? Well a good dictionary says: