Software Engineer

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Software Engineer in Texas

Experience Summary:

Software Engineer

As part of the R&D team, design and development of GSM/UMTS core networking softwares for new wireless products or services. The softwares are developed on XA-core and ATCA platforms. This includes,

  • Analysis and communication of internal and external customer requirements.
  • Preliminary design, high-level design and detailed software design.
  • Coding and implementation of s/w (in C/C++/Protel) and participate in code reviews.
  • Conduct extensive unit testing for all software features based on the technical specifications.
  • Writing software requirement documents and software design specifications.
  • Develop technical documentation and participate in technical documentation reviews.

As capacity design prime, improvement of networks capacity and system performance of the GSM/UMTS MSC products. This includes,

  • Analysis, design and implementation of software mechanisms to improve core networks’ capacity, performance, robustness and software quality.
  • Analysis of traffic of standard call mix, verify the robustness and call processing capacity requirements for each variant of GSM/UMTS products.
  • Co-ordinate with Network/ System engineer to finalize the product Capacity and Key Performance Indicators.
  • Design and develop post-processing engines that extract and transform raw low-level capacity data into aggregate metrics for capacity parameters, such as capacity tools.

For each GSM/UMTS software release, verification of all Operational Measurements and key resources to satisfy the product requirements and implement the new software change, if required.

As a prime and owner of SS7 message decoding tool in GSM/UMTS, introduce new functionality or provide of debug support of reported problems.

Project Management responsibilities to coordinate all design activities and develop feature activity plans from high level to detailed design.

As Quality Prime for GSM/UMTS design organization, my duty was to help each of the designers follow the TL9000 quality procedures in design activities.

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