Test Engineer

Test Engineer in California

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  • Two years of experience in QA testing procedures.
  • Clearly written and detail oriented Problem Ticket Reports.
  • Excellent team player more than willing to assist team members to reach goals and deadlines.
  • Exceptional interpersonal skills, excellent teamwork capabilities, and an optimistic personality.
  • Extremely detailed and organized with quality time management.
  • Personal characteristics of punctuality, creativity, consistency, and dependability.


Test Engineer

  • QA testing of prototype wireless mobile stations.
  • Setting up test environments for various Test Systems which included RF testing, protocol, GSM and WCDMA.
  • An active member of the UMTS Lab Team and Test Engineer for Rohde&Schwarz complex test systems.
  • Closely working with Project Managers and Engineers by designing and executing test matrices according to project schedules.
  • Operated directly with Development Engineers in debugging testing issues.
  • Interacted directly with customers and clients from all over the world discussing test plans and functional specifications.

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