Mobile Content/Gaming


ESI Candidate Profiles: Mobile Content/Gaming

Title Ref. Location
Vice President of Sales 1461229195 West Coast
Senior Director of Engineering 416236072 CA
Product Manager 1386414704 CA
Senior Mobile Apps Engineer 724567178 CA
VP of Global Marketing and Business Development 1995822035 CA
Chief Technology Officer 1260605838 CA
Vice President of Media Sales 1619907704 NJ
Director Product Management 1301990197 CA
Director Advertising Strategy and Sales 1973868312 CA
Director Product Strategy 476525960 NY
Director of Wireless Content 764995728 FL
Mobile Marketing Executive 1262461589 CA
Senior Account Manager 251575115 NJ
Account Manager 1727088794 NY
Content Producer 954168587 CA
Content Development Consultant 1574661118 CA
Content Manager 342943146 NY
Business Development Manager 1941764852 NY
Director & Product Manager 356963134 WA
Director of Production 167530065 CA
Director, Sales and Business Development 761005919 NJ
Vice President Marketing 1292865191 CA
Digital Distribution Consultant 237662275 NY
Vice President, Business Development 657851142 WA
Director of Content Production 80293923 CA
Director Carrier Marketing 1268394531 CA
Director of Marketing 634634493 CA
Director Interactive TV and Mobile Media 1262461589 CA
Senior Manager, Production & Operations 970644277 CA
Product Development and Management 1441613369 NJ
Mobile Marketing Director 88351805 CA
Senior Project Manager 1911564730 CA
Senior Product Manager 583449989 NY
Director of Consumer Marketing 477868308 CA
Content Specialist, Mobile Media 933976190 NC
Senior Producer 1848470236 CA
Executive Director 498275477 CA
Director of Product Marketing 1637994639 CO
Senior Producer 803991639 CA
Product Marketing Manager 734259764 VA
VP, Content Licensing 59371212 CA
North America Sales Director 411177191 IL
Senior Product Manager 789000964 CA
Mobile Director 677732489 CA
Director Advanced Digital Services Sales 1614129398 NY
Sr. Quality Assurance Engineer 734866512 NY
Director of Brand Entertainment 1670371914 CA
Development Lead 1109669224 VA
Principal 73584115 NJ
Product Manager 5826566 CA
Director of Intellectual Property 69812584 CA
Product Marketing Manager 1404101455 CA
Content and Applications Manager 1340150698 FL
Director of Business Development 946981058 GA
Senior Director of Business Development 828067437 KS
Director Product Management 651219659 CA
Director of Mobile Entertainment Business Development 881998835 NY
Content Licensing Coordinator 1039450438 CA
Senior Product Manager 583449989 NY
Project/Program Developer 2141454579 NY
Product Engineering Manager 847182114 CA
Project Manager 457382286 MA
Senior Product Manager 464726977 CA
Senior Engineer 354662985 Quebec
Sr. Account Manager 1864986202 MA
Managing Director 1698230241 CT
Senior Brand Manager, Licensing 1465181770 CA
Senior Application Developer 578364287 NY
Manager Content & Accessories 2068842942 GA
Creative Director 1136486481 CA
Director of Mobile Products 23455096 GA
Mobile Gaming Executive 1748775666 CA
Producer/Content Acquisition Manager 7677464 NJ
Director of Smartphones 1000237918 MN
Director Wireless Product Management 1012976298 KS
Original Content Producer 1774800412 NY
Director Original Content Development 1792617960 CA
General Manager / EVP 1237206466 NY
Director Carrier Marketing 1268394531 CA
New Media Analyst 1736902148 CA
Vice President Mobile Content 205523407 CA
VP Operations Mobile Entertainment Publishing 2066229689 NY
Senior Mobile Engineer 613263008 CA
Video Production Manager 173151481 CA