New Candidate Available: Site Acquisitions Specialist Available

New Candidate Available: Site Acquisitions Specialist Available in Illinois

Ref# 10040

This Wireless Professional is available for hire.

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Experience Summary:

We are currently representing an excellent Construction Manager, who has 20 years of experience in site acquisition, quality, project control, zoning and construction management.

Some of his accomplishments include:

  • Was working on a Construction Quality Assurance project in Chicago for over 5800 LTE sites when the company needed someone to launch a decommissioning project for 3000 3G sites. Was able to successfully help launch the new project within a month and then switched back to the previous project completing it on time.
  • Successfully performed financial budget closeouts on over 5,000 sites. Able to quickly catch-up on the backlog caused when someone left to pursue other endeavors and met the year-end deadline for the fiscal year within three and half weeks.
  • While working on a Lease Auditing Project on over 6,000 sites our candidate was asked to take the lead and assist new employees. Created new methods and procedures for future leasing projects that they are using to this day.
  • In the last two years has been requested by 4 different managers to lead their team when their former team members left. One of the managers was a director at one of the top wireless carrier clients.

Our candidate is currently based in Chicago and is willing to relocate anywhere.

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