New Job Opportunity: Sales Engineer – 6946

New Job Opportunity: Sales Engineer – Virtual Office

Contact: Steve Eddington     Ref: 6946

Territory: IN, IL, WI, MN, IA


The organization serves the electronics industry, in particular, high-value enterprise segments such a test/instrument, GPS, defense electronics, avionics, remote sensing, etc… by providing a range of materials and services oriented toward the field of shielding, or dealing with radio frequency (RF) or electromagnetic (EM) interference, often referred to as RF/EMI shielding. At times, the needs pertaining to shielding arise from compliance issues, which is often referred to as electromagnetic compliance, often referred to as EMC. Regardless of whether the client need is functional, such as reducing cross-talk or improving isolation between circuits, or whether it is due to compliance difficulties, shielding is often used by engineers at all phases of the development cycle in order to achieve performance requirements.

The organization participates in the client solution by offering four product lines:

  • Application-specific metalwork designed to be attached to a printed circuit board.
  • Microwave absorbing materials.
  • EMI Gaskets, often supplied as a finished part used in electronic enclosures
  • Thermal transfer solutions, consisting of metal or impregnated elastomers (thermal pads)

Sales Process:

The clients (engineers) design electronic circuits and assemblies, and these require some or all of the organization’s solutions, but typically customized for the specific needs of the client application. Acquiring share is typically achieved by positioning well in front of clients prior to the emergence of an application need, focusing on engineer-to-engineer relationships. Once a client need emerges, the Sales Engineer will dialogue with the client to understand requirements, communicate those to the factory sales support team, present specifications and obtain feedback, ultimately resulting in presentation of a quotation to the client. The organization succeeds by achieving such ‘design wins’.

The Candidate:

  • The ideal candidate is a Mechanical/Electrical/RF Engineer, and has relevant industry experience.
  • Developing and maintaining relationships with engineers and related functions such as program management/purchasing is critical to success, and the ideal candidate will already be engaged in many such relationships in the territory.
  • The ability to make contact and generate penetration with new potential clients is required, as account development is a key to success in this position.
  • Experience in sales process is desirable, but due to the nature of application specific sales, the focus is on engineering skills required to understand the need, communicate the requirements to the factory, and dialogue with the client when presenting specifications.
  • The ideal sales process doesn’t look like a sales process at all, and is much more oriented to supporting design engineers with getting the solution right with the help of the factory team.

Compensation: Based on Experience