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Who is Electronic Search, Inc?

We’re a staffing firm that has outlasted most of our peers. Founded in 1978, and focused on the telecom space which later bloomed into wireless and mobile, ESI is a small group of brilliant and industrious recruiting professionals who noticeably “go against the grain.”

At ESI, we believe in direct-dealing, honest answers and bottom-line results. Tell us who you are, what you’re looking for, and we’ll tell you exactly what we have, who we represent and how we can help. We’ll even be honest about when we can’t help you. That’s what’s kept us relevant for almost 4 decades and that is why employers and employees alike, have come to rely on us.

Our focus on the ever-morphing Mobile industry has cemented our reputation as a company that understands technology. But, our communication skills are what really set us apart. Our team is composed of people who actually care, and actually listen. In the staffing agency world of instant-submissions and HR black holes, it’s ironic to find the company called “Electronic Search” as the most human company in the industry.

ESI. Find Real People.