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5on Google,Jul 06, 2017

Wonderful. Laura, the account manager who worked with me, followed up regularly with me and assisted with any questions or concerns.

5on BirdEye,May 18, 2017

Very professional team that followed up and remained in contact throughout the process. They made sure that my needs were understood and communicated. They did an outstanding job.

5on Google,May 11, 2017

Responsive, persistent and open. Electronic Search is highly recommended.

5on BirdEye,Apr 18, 2017

I had a fantastic experience with Pat Riley! He was always sending me interesting opportunities, was quick on responses, and easy to work with. I couldn't have asked for more! Thank you Pat!

5on BirdEye,Apr 12, 2017

Excellent work. First in tracking me down as a andidate and secondly working through the process to obtaining an offer from Newzulu.

5on BirdEye,Mar 28, 2017

The job market and search process is difficult but with the assistance of Electronic search I was placed in the right place. Pat whom assisted me was instrumental at find round pegs for round holes. Thank you for your efforts. The process is sometime slowed by the clients by not making decisions in a timely fashion.

5on BirdEye,Mar 27, 2017
Sonny L

Steve and Matt are true professionals and have had nothing but a great experience working with them. They took the time to thoroughly discuss any questions, concerns, and very detailed in what their client was looking for. I would recommend electronic search to any of my colleagues.

5on BirdEye,Mar 15, 2017

Eric Parker was great in the process and I would highly recommend him in the future.

5on BirdEye,Mar 12, 2017

I can't tell you about your company. How good you are at locating the right guy for the right job or how you serve your clients. What I can say is that Eric was great. Persistent, follow up, professional, interested, etc., etc. If he represents your company, then I would have to say you are pretty darn fantastic.

5on BirdEye,Feb 15, 2017

Susan Fine helped me obtain a wonderful job with an amazing company. I am 100% satisfied with her knowledge and professionalism. I would highly recommend Electronic Search, Inc.

5on BirdEye,Feb 01, 2017

“My experience of working with Laura was exceptional. From initial contact until she successfully placed me into my position, she consistently supported me with my requirements. She went above and beyond to ensure I was prepared for my interviews and provided excellent service. Highly recommended.”

5on BirdEye,Jan 11, 2017

It was a pleasure talking with Laura Wilkins and Steve at Electronic Search from the initial contact and throughout the process. Laura made the initial contact wit me then I spoke to Steve, which led to an interview in person at Vertex and with the client. Electronic Search was very professional and prompt at providing information and setting everything up for me to pursue this position. I would recommend ES to anyone looking for a professional opportunity.

5on BirdEye,Dec 29, 2016

Eric Parker is one of the top recruiters I have worked with. He understand's the semiconductor industry, the role he is trying to fill and the company he is representing. He was a straight shooter that I felt I could trust along the whole process. He awasn't pushy and was always proffesional.. sadly not all can be said with other recruiters and their services. I secured a great Job through ESI. Thank you

5on Google,Dec 29, 2016

Everyone I spoke to was very helpful and professional. And they got me a better job so that was wonderful.

5on BirdEye,Dec 21, 2016

I .really appreciate your constant calling to give accurate feedback from hiring company. The process of finding job is really one of frustrating and stressful process, During this process I always feel I was not alone . Thanks to Electronics search

5on BirdEye,Dec 20, 2016

ESI is a strategic partner to Vertex with regards to all of our recruiting needs across the US. We feel that ESI does an outstanding job on prescreening candidates making sure that we only see qualified applicants that are ready to interview. This has helped our team source top professionals in the short time frames our clients typically require. To sum it up we consider our partnership with ESI a competitive advantage and the consistent professionalism represented by their team an invaluable resource.

5on BirdEye,Nov 16, 2016

Unlike other search firms I have worked with Eric Parker with Electronic Search was very responsive and engaged in assisting with my career search. He provided updates and feedback during the process and kept me in mind for opportunities that best matche...

5on BirdEye,Nov 10, 2016
Owen E.

Process was quick and very satisfactory for finding a new position with an excellent compensation package.

5on BirdEye,Nov 08, 2016


5on BirdEye,Aug 31, 2016

The recruiting process was fairly quick in comparison to other methods. They reached out to me and recognized that I was a great fit for the role.

5on Google,Aug 22, 2016

5on Google,Jun 08, 2016

I have worked with Electronic Search, in particular, with Susan Fine for at least 7 plus years. Susan has done very good in her searches for the right position that aligns with my personal needs. I continue to work with her throughout my career as companies and jobs continue to change in business and directions.

5on Google,Jun 01, 2016

Our recruitment request was challenging, Electronic Search did a great job, helped us find very good candidates efficiently and got the deal done. They're very professional and respond fact. I'm greatly appreciated and highly recommend Electronic Search.

ESI exhibited excellent understanding of the roles we were looking to fill in our wireless project management and carrier approvals organizations.  They provided us with very relevant, qualified candidates with the proper skills and experience.  We’ve hired and retained several of the candidates they provided, and they were extremely responsive and fast-acting when we needed to make a hiring decision.  We’ve been very happy with ESI’s services.

VP, Worldwide Marketing

Sequans Communications


Hello Steve,

Before we sought your assistance, we had been struggling to meet all our recruiting needs. We got by with internal recommendations and ineffective recruiting contractors. Your team has brought several highly qualified candidates to us, adding a strong new dimension to our recruitment efforts. We appreciate all that you are doing for us. Keep up the good work.

Best regards,

Rahul Chaturvedi
Novatel Wireless Inc.

Running a search for Technical headhunters and finding ESI was one of the best investments of my time in recent years.

I used ESI for the Sales and Marketing Division and slowly over time most of the Departments in my Company, seeing our success, have also used ESI for their personnel requirements.

Our ESI Account Manager, is motivated in keeping us happy and always finds the right people for our needs. ESI stands by us through out the lifecycle of the hiring process and they stand behind the quality of the personnel they recommend..

ESI has set the bar very high for their competition and I doubt there is another firm in their space that can render the quality of service that they do.

Jim Feigl
Brainmedia LLC.

We have done a number of searches for specific skill sets in RF Engineering and our rep listened carefully to our needs and presented a talented pool of applicants to interview. The applicants were pre-screened to determine not only how their skills fit the position, but also to determine if there would be a fit to our company culture. Our sales rep was diligent in his commitment to our search even after numerous candidates were reviewed and did not fit for one reason or another.

Tim Walters
Pinnacle Wireless

From: Robert Johnson, Anite Telecoms, Inc.

In short, they Understand the wireless technology…they are Honest, Hardworking, and Diligent.

It has been my experience as a VP of North American Operations for a Wireless Company in the US that ESI is not going to waste your time by presenting sub-par candidates. The ESI team is very good at fully uncovering your needs and requirements as an employer. Once fully defined, they are keen to keep you up to date as to their progress with the search. It is common to get several well qualified candidates. ESI does an excellent of pre-screening so that I only see (interview) the serious and most qualified candidates.

ESI is a professional team that is well connected to the mobile and wireless communication market. Their expertise in this space has saved me a significant amount of time as they understand the acronym and jargon used within the Cellular mobile/wireless Industry. They are also active in attending Industry meetings such a as GSMNA (GSM North America), CTIA, and PTCRB (PCS Type Review Board) in order to stay in touch with the technology and resources that will be required of these employer.

Bottom Line: the candidates that I have hired via ESI have been impact players who made immediate contributions to the success of my organization.



To Whom It May Concern:

7 Layers, Inc. have used the staffing services of ESI very successfully for the last 3 years in the recruitment of key staff members for our North American facilities. I would gladly recommend their services to any company, especially in the wireless, mobile or telecommunications business.

Best Regards,
Wilfried Klassmann


TTPCom Incorporated
3 Burlington Woods Drive
Burlington MA 01803 USA

Electronic Search Inc.
5105 Tollview Drive
Suite 245
Rolling Meadows IL 60008

To whom it may concern:

This letter is to confirm that we have used Electronic Search Inc. (ESI) to recruit wireless engineers and account managers. We have been very pleased with both the quality of candidates put forward, and by the level of service provided. I can personally recommend ESI to any other company that wishes to use their recruitment services.

Malcolm Burwell
General Manager, North American Operations