Executive Retained Search

Here is a short description of our process for Executive Retained Search.

  1. Consultation: your recruiter meets with you and your team to ask a series of questions which will explore each area of information we need in order to fill the job; areas such as your company environment, selling points (this is crucial in order to recruit the best talent), the compensation package, the job description, the interview process, technical environment, benefits, advancement opportunity, etc.
  2. Job Description Signoff: We will write a job description based on your information and show it to you, for your approval. The hiring manager, Human Resources, and anyone else making the hiring decision should look at the job description and sign off on it so that we are all on the same page.
  3. Research Team Meeting: Your recruiter will meet with our team to create a recruiting plan.
  4. Target List Signoff: We will use information from your consultation and also information our team has found, and we will come up with a list of competitors to recruit from. If there were specific people you were interested in recruiting, those will be added to the list as well. We will ask you to sign off on this list so that again we have an agreed-upon picture of what we’re looking for.
  5. Sourcing/Headhunting: We will begin pursuing those target competitors and people, and we will present them with the opportunity. We will report back to you on what we find, including market conditions and responses from candidates. We will interview each candidate and when we find someone who fits the profile, they will be short-listed.
  6. Short List Signoff: We will present you with a list of 3 candidates the hiring manager has agreed to interview. If you are happy with the list, we move ahead to the next step. If not, we restart the process.
  7. Set up a time for interviews: We will work with you to set up interviews for all the candidates in succession.
  8. Negotiation of Offer: We will be in touch with the candidate through the end stages, and handle all reference checking, relocation logistics, and finally the negotiation and acceptance of the offer.


To find out more about our Executive Retained Search service, please contact:

Lane Eddington, Business Development Manager
(847) 506-0700
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