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Steve Eddington



Steve began his staffing career in 1979, when he decided to take a short sabbatical from the music industry where he had been employed since graduating from college in 1972. As a generalist placing candidates primarily in the international arena, Steve gained an understanding of the telecommunications and IT industries and decided to focus on these markets.

In 1989, Steve Eddington and Al Born acquired and took over the day to day management of Electronic Search, Inc. They have brought the company to its current status as a boutique staffing firm with a strong specialization in the Wireless, Mobile and Telecom industries.

Steve has always handled key account relationships and retained searches in addition to his executive duties, and likes to keep close to the customers and what the industry is doing as a whole. His articles and commentaries on the staffing industry, including, Resume Du Jour, How many Interviews Does it Take, The One Page Resume and Other Urban Legends, and Server Crashes, Manhattan Youth Starves, have been published in various trade magazines. Among his many philosophies, Steve would quote Ralph Waldo Emerson who said, “Nothing astonishes men so much as common sense and plain dealing.”

“I have grown to love this industry and have never ceased to enjoy the relationships that I have developed through the years. If you read the profiles of our staff, it is interesting to note that we have assembled a unique group of individuals with a blend of business and artistic ‘chops.’ On my current staff I have musicians (myself among them), screenwriters, poets, actors, painters and songwriters. These same people are dedicated, ethical and talented staffing experts. We typically acknowledge what we do at Electronic Search, Inc. as an art form and whenever I suggest that we ‘get creative’ there is no shortage of creative input. People have commented that we seem to be a magnet for creative types. I didn’t plan it that way, it has just ‘happened’ that people with artistic abilities have fallen into our business and thrive in our environment. Long ago I accepted this reality, blessed it and even count on it during difficult times.

“In the Wireless space, I am proud to say we are the best. As a recruiting partner, we compete with the leading retained firms, but they don’t have our network, industry knowledge or creativity. When it comes to breaking out of the box, we have consistently hit the ball into the bleachers, and on a typical day, I am personally on the front lines of the game contributing to the perfection of our craft.”

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General Manager


Al Born



Al started with Electronic Search, Inc in 1978 and is on the front lines of the day to day operations of the company.

“My career started working for a large agency downtown. While working for that agency, I decided that I wanted to work for a company that was more interested in the needs of the clients and the futures of the candidates that I dealt with. A few of my colleagues had decided to go on their own and establish such a company. I joined them as a Recruiter in 1978. Through various changes, I grew into management and hold the position of General Manager today. I am very interested in seeing companies become successful by investing in their people. I feel that people are a company’s greatest resource and that is why I chose this business.

“While I still occasionally make placements, the bulk of my time is spent running the company, managing and training our Recruiters. I take great pleasure in seeing our people become successful.

“I am very interested in the technology of management, and how to run a firm in the most efficient way. I have studied and use the Hubbard Administrative Technology to accomplish this. I have found it to be a common sense way to approach any business and to get it to reach its full potential. I believe that, if given the training and encouragement, people will always strive to do their best. This is reflected in their statistics. It is very clear in black or white if they are performing their job or not.”

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Office Manager/Operations Director


Erin Antonopoulos


Since her start with ESI in March of 1998, Erin has handled a number of administrative related positions providing support to the President and GM as well as the rest of the staff – from processing and formatting resumes to preparing correspondence, maintaining our client/candidate database records, and maintaining the front desk.

Currently as the Office Manager, Erin is handling all of the company’s Human Resources and Publications Departments, and training new staff members in addition to her administrative support duties.  Erin enjoys working here with the other staff, because they are friendly and work well as a team.

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Susan Fine



Susan’s field was telecommunications sales for a number of years before joining ESI in 1998. She has worked for major global telecommunications companies and some smaller distributors in the Chicago area. At Electronic Search, Inc. Susan focuses on managing accounts in the wireless and telecommunications space including major players in the wireless content and applications, infrastructure, mobile device and WiMax arenas. Susan has successfully handled some of our most difficult searches.

When asked why Susan likes recruiting, she said:

“I like solving my clients’ problems. I get a real kick out of this. So many companies have been through the mill, downloading unqualified Internet resumes, or else they have had less-than-perfect experiences with other Recruiters. I like finding out what my client needs and delivering it to them. I also find it really interesting to hear a candidate’s story. Everyone has a story and it’s very important to them. I feel that I am working with candidates to help them have a better life.

“When I put the right candidate with the right employer, it is such a winning occasion for everyone. The candidate gets to spend the greatest number of his waking hours at a job he wants. The client gets a productive employee who helps the company reach its goals. I get to feel like I made a difference. Yes, I get paid but there are a lot of easier ways to make a living – that would not give me the same satisfaction.”

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Matt Profile Pic  Matt Moran

As a recruiter, Matt sources, recruits, and qualifies candidates for employment with our clients.  He also works with our clients and candidates throughout the hiring process.  He brings over 10 years of sales and customer experience to ESI.

“I grew up surfing the internet for whatever information I needed. I take pride in being able to find candidates and present them with opportunities that match their backgrounds. This ability allows me to fill jobs quickly for my clients. I work in both the Wireless and Public Safety industries.

To be able to help someone improve their career is a great feeling. Personally, I watch basketball, play video games and enjoy listening to music.”

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PatRileyPat Riley



Pat has been recruiting for the wireless and telecom industry since 1998. Positions have ranged from low level to CEO in just about any area of telecom. He has exceptional talent with locating candidates for highly technical positions. He has a high degree of professionalism and integrity.

Specialties: Sourcing and placing candidates within the following areas: Executive, Management, Engineering, Emerging Technology, Hardware/Software, R&D, Infrastructure, Start-ups, 2/3/4G, LTE.

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Eric Parker



Eric Parker is an Executive Recruiter working primarily in the wireless technology domain.  Eric has a diverse group of clients in this space and recruits for both technical and sales professionals.

“I’ve made it a point in my career to work in roles that directly help my fellow man.  The recruitment process has been a fantastic way for me to continue that goal and has allowed me the opportunity to improve the lives of not only the individuals I work with, but myself as well.  Here at Electronic Search, I work with a great team and have a great support system which allows us to unite top level talent with exceptional companies across North America and overseas.”

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Talent Coordinators


Debbie Schumacher



Debbie is a Talent Coordinator whose expertise is finding, contacting and qualifying candidates for our client’s opportunities. She has been with Electronic Search for more than 12 years and her specialties include public safety and wireless communications. Debbie has also worked several years in management and human resources. She has a degree in Business Administration with a minor in math.

“I like what I do, plain and simple.  When someone I am working with gets placed, I know that I have helped them to find a career choice that provides them with personal fulfillment.  I also like knowing I am helping our clients find valuable people that contribute to their growth and success.  It’s a bit addicting, and I have been known to eat lunch at my desk just so I can keep working!”

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Jason Born, Talent Coordinator



“ESI is one of the best places to work, I have had the opportunity to speak with people from all aspects of life.  This is one of the most rewarding jobs I have ever held.  As talent coordinator I am helping people find their perfect career which is what we all are looking for.  I have been here since 2012 and have continued to grow and learn.  And I know I still will! I look forward to talking to you!”

About me: I am recently married, and a huge football fan.  I live in Green Bay, WI so I am proud to say that both my wife and I are avid Packers fans.  We got married at Lambeau Field, and are both team shareholders.  I also am very big into country music, love to travel all over the US, and am very much into the culinary arts.

“Individual commitment to a group effort – that is what makes a team work, a company work, a society work, a civilization work.” -Vince Lombardi

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Lane DiBlasi, Director of Sales & Marketing



Lane DiBlasi has been working with ESI since 1998, in roles from Recruiting to Training to Business Development and Marketing.   Currently she holds the position of Director of Sales and Marketing, helping to drive business development as well as managing the company’s web presence and promotion.

Having seen the ups and downs of the staffing industry over the past decade, Lane has this to say: “Speaking to employers and seeing the routine problems they face in retaining quality staff, I’ve come to understand the real value of a good Recruiting partner.  This is something that will never be obsolete.   The service we provide is person to person relationship building; it has to do with communication, creating opportunities, and understanding people.  No job board can do that.

“In prospecting, I learn a lot about technology trends, but it’s the people that are important. It’s the people that drive new technologies forward and make companies thrive. ”

For more information about why ESI has had 30 years of success as a staffing provider, and the scope of our services, contact Lane at : 847-506-7551

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Joann Baumeister, Email Marketing Specialist

Working at Electronic Search makes me proud to belong to a company so well established. I find my job bulk email marketing to be a very successful function within our company. If a candidate gets placed, I feel my role helped someone with their career. Each and everyday I feel the energy our team works so hard to make ESI successful. Everyone is a team player and strives to keep our clients very satisfied. At the same time ESI takes many steps to make sure their employees are priority too! That’s what makes the working environment here a pleasure to know it’s a win-win situation.

I am married and we have a very energetic and wonderful son! In my spare time I enjoy music, cooking and spending time with my family. Whether it’s playing video games, watching sports or just catching up on a movie together it’s all good.

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