Our Code of Ethics

Since 1978, Electronic Search, Inc. has prospered in the telecommunications search business because we have built a foundation of trust with our clients. In all of our business dealings, we uphold specific standards in an effort to insure fairness and long-term success for all parties involved.

  • ESI clients and candidates will be represented honestly and factually at all times
  • ESI will never misrepresent the skills or experience of a candidate to a company
  • ESI will never give false information to a candidate regarding a job opportunity
  • ESI will never submit a candidate’s contact details to an employer without consent
  • ESI will always pre-screen and verify interest of candidates before submission
  • ESI will never change terms or charges once a recruitment agreement is signed
  • ESI will always strive to facilitate the right hire for the client company
  • ESI will honor all confidential information it receives from any source
  • ESI will never use sourcing techniques which involve falsehood or pretense
  • ESI will always report the results of reference checks honestly and accurately
  • ESI will report any conflict of interest uncovered during the recruiting process