Working with a competent staffing firm can be essential to achieving your business goals. Bright, technically trained engineers and savvy, top-performing sales people are the legs any company stands on. Whether you control a small, beginning stage company or a division of a worldwide, billion dollar enterprise, the ability to attract and hire the right personnel can be intrinsic to your company’s success.

You may have heard rumors about recruiters, or “headhunters”, and wondered what these people really do.

Our headhunters are trained sales professionals who are well versed in specific technical niches, as well as the complex process of hiring itself. Our recruiters are excellent multi-taskers; they are trained to utilize the best techniques for locating and then attracting skilled professionals, while keeping the candidate’s, as well as the employer’s, best interests at heart. A good recruiter will always represent your company in the best possible light; he or she will bring out the best qualities in your company and act not only as your agent, but in a way, your marketing representative. A good recruiter will also know when an opportunity is right for a certain candidate, and when it is not right. Juggling dozens of variables and putting together the jigsaw puzzle of combined interests is the reason most companies hire a search firm. You want to believe your recruiting firm knows it’s business, and can guide your search in the right direction. In the case of Electronic Search, our track record shows that we can.

The core competency of any recruitment firm is the ability to recruit top performers in a certain technology niche, within a short period of time. However, there are many ways this service can be executed – some more structured, and some more flexible. Our Business Development Managers can help you determine which service will fit your needs.    Here is a brief description of each:

Executive Retained Search is our premium service and offers guaranteed results, accountability, and exclusivity.  And, unlike some of our competitors, our retained search also offers speed.   For high priority and high profile searches, this is how we get it done.

Standard Search is non-exclusive, low commitment, and is utilized for mid-level positions.

Contract Staffing is utilized for contractors or contract-to-hire.

Customized Staffing Services are utilized for large volume staffing, and as the name suggests, this service is customized to fit your business needs.

A more detailed description of each service is available by clicking on the corresponding link.