Standard Search

Here is a short description of our process for Contingency Search.

  1. Assignment of Account Manager – we will assign one of our Account Managers to be your single point of contact. We choose your recruiter based on his or her expertise, workload, or experience with your company or your industry. We have 14 full time Recruiters on staff, each specializing in key areas of wireless technology.
  2. Consultation – Your Account Manager will meet with you and any other managers who are stakeholders in the hiring process. This meeting is done either in person or by phone, and it’s purpose is to ask standard questions which will help us get to know your needs. These questions include several areas of information, including your company history and environment, business needs and structure, the position itself, (including skills and education required), duties, advancement potential, etc. Also discussed will be the compensation and benefits, interview process, competitive landscape, and target companies you might like to recruit from. Knowing all of this information is intrinsic to our Team’s success in finding the right candidate; our recruiters know how to develop this combination of information into a surefire recruitment strategy.
  3. Recruiting Plan – This is the strategic plan your Account Manager will put together from the information given in the Consultation step. Our recruiters will do further research to find other target companies and determine exactly where we can find your ideal candidate. This is what we call a Recruiting Plan.
  4. Job Announcement – Your Account Manager will write up the description of the job and send it to our recruiting staff. We will also immediately post the job on our homepage, so any job seekers who frequent our page can see it and apply to us confidentially online. Your recruiter will contact candidates we are currently working with, as we may discover someone in our files who is right for the job, or who can refer us to a qualified colleague.
  5. Sourcing/Headhunting – Your Account Manager will utilize many resources to find the right candidate. ESI utilizes a proprietary internal database as well as state-of -the-art software tools which search far deeper than traditional web browsers. The Recruiting Plan will be put to use here – to help pinpoint our search efforts.
  6. Submission – When we find a candidate that seems like a good fit, your Account Manager will do an in-depth interview with them and if they pass, we will submit a presentation and resume to you by email. Our presentation includes current salary information, relocation and other logistics, job history, skills, and availability/interest. We will summarize the candidate’s qualifications for the job so that you can see the work that was done in qualifying him.
  7. Feedback – if the candidate is not right, we will want to reassess and find out what should be adjusted. This is an important step which will keep us on target and help us find the real match.
  8. Interview – if you like the candidate we submit, we will set up a time for a phone interview or face to face interview. We will handle all the logistics as needed.
  9. Follow up – throughout the interview process, your Account Manager will act as an agent to the candidate, but the most important information comes from our clients. If after an interview, something doesn’t seem quite right, let your Recruiter know right away. We may have other candidates waiting, or we may be able to address any concerns with further credentialing, more detailed questions or reference checks.
  10. Reference checks – Once a continued interest is expressed, we will reference check the candidate and submit the results to the client in writing.
  11. Offer – We will deliver the offer to the candidate, advising of their acceptance or acting as an intermediary during any negotiations.
  12. Final Steps – We will work with the candidate to coordinate start date, any relocation or benefit issues and keep in contact with the candidate until their start date.

To find out more about our Contingency Search service, please contact:

Lane Eddington, Business Development Manager
(847) 506-0700
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