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What’s it like to work at ESI?

Electronic Search, Inc. is a recruitment firm like no other. Within these walls, you will not only find expert staffers, you will also find a business structure that favors original ideas, inspired suggestions, and results through innovation. And, within these walls, you might be prompted to chuckle every now and then. That’s because at ESI, we take an optimistic, lighthearted approach to the most serious business problems. We manage our employees by statistics, urging each employee to strive for their personal best, with an emphasis on employee development and education. And we truly believe in a spirit of “play” when it comes to improving our business, challenging ourselves, and making our clients’ dreams a reality.


One of the best parts of our internal environment is the mentoring of new recruits by 20 year veterans in the recruiting business. Our Junior Recruiters receive training from the ground up, learning to screen and interview candidates from the best. Through mentoring and comprehensive training programs, Junior Recruiters have the opportunity to grow into Senior Recruiters, and specialize in their own market segment.

Helping Others

Many of the employees of ESI are involved in charitable work, the arts or social betterment activities, to help the community. We like to hire people whose mission in life is to help others; after all, placing people in jobs is a great way to improve their lives. But beyond that, charitable work goes along with the atmosphere of integrity you will find at ESI.

Having Fun

Have a sense of humor? No? OK then, forget it. ESI is just as much about having fun as it is about hard work and placing people in jobs. There is at least one big laugh at every company meeting, if not several. You see, we believe that a good employee is one that’s not only challenged daily, but falling over laughing, too.

Changing the Game

We are a new type of recruitment company; one that values ethics and adheres to an ethical code which most agencies could not claim to uphold. We are innovators in recruitment technology, constantly challenging old standards of how the industry “must operate”. We are changing the game through new ideas that bring long standing best practices together with lightning fast technology changes, to make staffing solutions faster, easier and more workable for the candidate and client.

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