Customized Staffing Services

As the name implies, the goal of the CSS group is to address staffing with tailor-made programs individually designed to meet our clients’ needs due to planned growth, acquisition, rapid expansion or staff buildouts.

In addition to our other recruiting programs, the CSS concept, for many of our clients, has become our most sensible product.

In a series of studies, The Outsourcing Institute has validated the fact that outsourcing as a long-term strategic management tool is here to stay. A well- defined program could include any of the following benefits:

  1. Improved Company Focus, Service, Speed, Quality
  2. Access to World-Class Capabilities
  3. Shared Risks
  4. Freeing-up of Resources for Other Purposes
  5. Reduction and Control of Operating Costs
  6. Assignment of Operational Tasks to Specialists with Proven Structured Techniques
  7. Lessening of Start-up Problems including Rapid Staffing
  8. Reduction of Investments in Non-Core Business Functions

The Customized Staffing Services group at Electronic Search, Inc. has a proven history of delivering Staffing Solutions that are cost effective, professionally managed, easily implemented, and most importantly, geared towards your exact needs.

Here is an outline showing a list of potential services that could be included in a customized CSS program.

  1. Establishing an overview of the recruiting and hiring process.
  2. Helping to create a realistic timetable for filling each position.
  3. Identifying the key job specifications for each position.
  4. Developing a customized resume collection and screening process that will hasten identification of qualified candidates.
  5. Assisting you with developing interview strategy and questions.
  6. Acting as a central resource for receiving resumes.
  7. Handling calls and inquiries from candidates.
  8. Pre-screening potential candidates in person or by phone.
  9. Creating and implementing resume handling guidelines, acknowledgements and standard forms.
  10. Providing you with detailed written employment and personal reference checks.
  11. Coordinating background investigation and drug screening on final candidates.
  12. Collecting and forwarding collected documentation so you can build employee information files.
  13. Advising and assisting with salary offers, negotiations and acceptances.
  14. Providing various weekly reports, including: Narrative activity reports, Statistical activity reports, Open Position status reports etc.

For more information about our CSS program, please contact:

Steve Eddington, President
(847) 632-9888
Email Steve