Contract Staffing

Contract Staffing Services Program

There are many benefits of contract or contract-to-hire staffing, as opposed to direct hire.

  • Contract hiring addresses an immediate need, and you set the duration for only as long as you need that person to work
  • The process is much shorter than direct-hire, and we have workers who are readily available.
  • Contractors can usually “hit the ground running” and don’t need additional training or supervision

Contracting temporary employees has become a popular way for companies to obtain the experience they need in a hurry without assuming the costs and commitments of a permanent new hire. The Contract Services program is ideal for short-term projects that require instant expertise, with no time for training.

Once a blanket agreement is signed, one of our Account Managers will discuss your needs in detail and present qualified consultants. In numerous cases, we will be able to show you candidates within 24 hours of our initial discussion.

Recruitment of contractors follows the same process as our Contingency Search Program.

To find out more about our Contract Search service, please contact:

Lane Eddington, Business Development Manager
(847) 506-0700
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