Candidate Success Stories

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Thank you for Eric & Steve’s help on getting the best offer for me.  I really appreciate your efforts & hard work.

Thank you.

Best Regards,

Yuan (Allan) Tsai


My experience with Electronic Search was great.  They put my experience and background first, and found me the exact job position I was looking for.  Electronic Search helped me set up interviews, phone screens and worked around my schedule to make everything work.  I highly recommend Electronic Search to anyone at any stage in finding a job.

Thanks Matt Moran and Electronic Search.

Jake Murray

Dear Pat,

Thanks for the opportunity to let you know my own ‘success story’ working with Electronic Search.

Gene Gross, Electronic Search Recruiter proactively contacted me regarding a position with one of the world’s largest Wireless Infrastructure companies, calling on Wireless Carriers.  After he and I spoke (preliminary interview to determine my qualifications), it was clear to him that I would be a solid candidate for the position.  He then passed along my information to the Director of HR for this company, whom I then had an initial interview with.  The HR Director then set up an interview with the hiring Sales VP which obviously went well.  Gene actually coached me regarding her personality and what her ‘hot buttons’ would be, so that I could be better prepared.  The next step was an interview with the VP for their USA Headquarters and again Gene prepped me for what to expect and what his key qualities were in determining the right candidate.

Even though there was a lot of time between interviews (approximately 2 weeks each), Gene took the time to call or email me almost every day to see if I’d heard anything and how I felt about the opportunity.  He confidentially let me know that I had become this company’s #1 candidate which made me even more optimistic and excited about the position.  There was a big ‘lag time’ between an oral offer from the HR Director, but Gene took it upon himself to stay engaged with the HR Director to urge him to get a written offer together and send that to me.  Gene obviously had a close relationship with the HR Director since shortly after his urging… I received the written offer and it contained all of the key elements (compensation package, benefits, move package, etc.) that I had let Gene know what my requirements were.

I then had to go through the traditional background check, reference check, and drug screening process; and as always… Gene called or emailed almost every day inquiring how things were coming along.  I know now that if it hadn’t been for Gene’s efforts working behind the scenes, the process could have taken longer and probably wouldn’t have received the offer that met my expectations.

I’m genuinely excited the prospects of this new positions and can’t thank Gene enough for all of his ongoing supports and efforts.

I would highly recommend to any potential candidates that if given an opportunity to work with Electronic Search… don’t hesitate to get engaged.


Les J. Gay

Electronic Search, Inc. reached out to me regarding a customer/company that had an opportunity.  Both the company and the open position matched my background and skill sets.  My resume was presented to the employer and interviews were subsequently scheduled.  Eric Parker worked very closely with me throughout the process and kept me apprised of what was expected and who I would be meeting/interviewing with.  The professionalism and details he provided were Excellent!  Even giving me the LinkedIn address of the interviewers.  Eric prepared me for each step throughout the whole process and handled the offer package, negotiating salary, PTO, etc. for a win-win outcome!  Everything from start to finish was extremely smooth, transparent and handled in the most professional manner.  ESI was great to work with and I would highly recommend them to anyone.  My whole experience from the start to the end was so smooth and easy.  I have never had such a positive experience from a recruiting firm.  ESI rocks!


Lindy Svatek

Working with ESI was a totally positive experience for me.  They’re nothing like other recruiters who may talk with you a couple times, then just fall off the radar.  Gene always promptly returned calls & emails and pursued several opportunities on my behalf.  As soon as we had the right match identified, I received daily updates – even when there was no news.  The entire experience was professionally done, up to and after I took on my new job.  I recommend ESI over any other company – hands down.  No complaints.

Steve Jordan

I was very happy with the service Mr. Parker provided.  He maintained a professional yet friendly demeanor throughout, and helped me find a suitable job in very little time.  I highly recommend Mr. Park to anybody who wants to change or advance his/her career to the next level.


Frank Zhong

I learned of an opportunity for my current employer from a colleague of mine that was being recruited.  When contacting the recruiter at Electronic Search, I received a response within minutes of emailing my resume.  From there the interview process began and moved very quickly and efficiently.  I felt like I was working with a top tier professional recruiting company right from the get go.  The entire recruiting and interview process was very relaxed and comfortable, and at no time did any o fit seem scripted or in genuine.  Within a few weeks of contacting Electronic Search, they had me set up for an interview with the president of the hiring company.

Within a few days of the interview, I received an offer letter and, with the help of Electronic Search, I was able to negotiate a salary and overall compensation package of my desire.  What stands out the most in the entire interview and hiring process is the absolute and undivided attention that Electronic Search provided.  With immediate follow up and sincerity, they really made me feel like they had my best interests in mind at all times.

I would like to personally thank Steve Eddington, the President of Electronic Search, for his guidance and professionalism throughout this entire hiring experience.  He was instrumental in helping me to connect with the right people which provided the gateway for my new career opportunity.  Thank you Steve, for all of your efforts.  It was an absolute pleasure working with you and Electronic Search.


Chad Stojkovich

I have used Electronic Search both to recruit staff and to find a new role myself. 

I have always found them responsive, knowledgeable and completely professional.

I would highly recommend them.

Steve Cragg

As I was browsing LinkedIn endlessly searching for jobs in Product Management, I came across a posting for a Product Management position in another state.  As I was reading through the job posting, I became excited since the position encompassed my background in engineering and matched my career goals very well.  I became completely discouraged when I saw that the job ad was not a direct posting by the actual employer.  This automatically made me reluctant to get my hopes up too high and actually quite skeptical of the future prospects of the position.

I reached out to Susan fine and sent her my resume.  She contacted me the next day to discuss my background and provided me some crucial advice to help better market myself to the company.  She recommended that I add a previous work experience to my resume which I actually overlooked as being beneficial.  Throughout the recruitment process she was steadfast in keeping the process moving forward and kept me very informed with excellent feedback.  In the end, the position that she recommended I add to my resume was an important aspect that the hiring manager specifically pointed out during his discussions with her.  Overall a great experience which ended up in landing an exciting career move with a multi-national company in a new industry.

Jamar Daniels

I’ve had great success working with ESI.  My past two employment opportunities were secured with ESI and my most recent placement I worked with Susan Fine.  She was a great coach during the interview process and gave me the autonomy to be myself.  Her communications and follow up were exceptional.

I’m extremely happy with my new employment opportunity and look forward to a great career.

Thanks Susan,

Peggy Sleik

Working with Steve at Electronic Search was a pleasure.  The hiring process ended up being much lengthier than expected, and Steve helped me remain patient, optimistic, and provided good follow-up throughout.  In addition, Steve provided honest feedback and created dialogue that inspired creative thinking to come up with ideas to ultimately accept the new position with my new employer.

Kenny Adamson

I was initially contacted by Eric Parker, the Executive Recruiter from Electronic Search, Inc. regarding my current new position.  The role actually tailored to my qualification and background, it’s almost like the ideal job of what I was searching for.  I was guided prior and follow-up by Eric throughout all my meetings with my current employer.  The interview process went fairly smooth and fast.  I have received my offer within two weeks from the initial contact.

I really appreciate Eric’s patience with me and helping me land my dream job.  Thanks again for Electronic Search, Inc. service.

Helen Hui

I found Electronic Search very helpful and accommodating throughout my job search.  They helped locate me with a position as a DAS Engineer/Construction Manager at my current employer.  I would not have been able to find the job without Susan Fine and Electronic Search’s navigation throughout this process.  I would highly recommend Electronic Search to anyone in the DAS market looking to bet located.

Thanks so much for the help,

Jeremy Mitchell

I have been looking for work for 9 months.  I have never been unemployed before.  I had some frustrating experiences with recruiters, and often felt rushed – not important – not supported.  Steve Eddington was great to work with.  I felt immediately related and confident that Steve had the experience and truly cared about positioning me as a candidate in the best possible way.  He was very responsive and encouraging.  Truly the best recruiter I’ve worked with and I am thrilled with the results!

Scot Nagel

I found Eric Parker at Electronic Search a very valuable recruiter with a passion for helping people find a new career.  I was looking for a permanent position until Eric helped me after almost four years.  Eric was different than the other recruiters that contacted me before.  Eric was proactive from the beginning when he contacted me.  The process went so fast and in no time I had a job offer in my hands.  He returned my calls, answering my questions and concerns I had about the new place.  He definitely smoothed out the relationship between me and the new company.

Eric explained the philosophy and the work environment well.  He also took his time to talk about their products and the employees working there.  Eric was on top of everything.  Once I had the interview, he didn’t waste any time.  Eric contacted my references and the company to show the final result that I am the best candidate.  I am pleased with Eric’s work he did for me.  I greatly appreciate it.  I thank him again for all the hard work he did for me.


Joe Shegarfi

I have over 20 years’ experience as a Senior Sales Manager in the Wireless/RF/Satcom market segment.  It is a high growth but volatile industry.  As such I’ve had several jobs along the way.  All of which I have found through hard work, and soliciting business contacts and friends.  I’ve NEVER had success in finding employment through employment agencies, until now.

Steve Eddington and his team at Electronic Search Inc. has changed my outlook on employment agencies.  Unlike the other firms that I’ve come across in the past, Electronic Search understood thoroughly my technical and business acumen, and connected me with a compatible employer.  “connected” is the right word to describe what Steve did.  Steve understood specifically what the employer was looking for in a candidate.  Steve understands the Wireless industry and it shows.  Throughout the interviewing and hiring process, Steve was in constant contact with me, and I also had a strong sense that he was “working” hard for me in the background, making sure that all was headed in the right direction.

Today I am employed at an industry leading company, and doing what I do best.

Thank you Steve!


Dear Matt,

Just a quick note to say how much I appreciate all your efforts in helping me land at my new company.  Especially finding my profile online to get the ball rolling.

Your guidance in the process was invaluable and I’m truly happy with my decision to accept their offer.  So far, my decision has been reinforced by the quality of folks at my company and I’m excited about the future.

Thanks again for everything and make it a fantastic day.


Tony Pulicella

Electronic Search was responsive, professional and helpful from start to finish.  We did hit a couple of speed bumps along the way, but both parties worked through the issues identified, and a mutual benefit was achieved in the end.

Thank you Electronic Search.


Luis Maldonado

Electronic Search, Inc. has provided an outstanding opportunity at my current employer.  The services provided were accurate and quickly resulted in a tendered offer that I accepted.

I highly recommend Electronic Search, Inc. for those looking for new employment.

I would use Electronic Search, Inc. again!


Tony P.

I have dealt with Susan a few times in the last few months, and working with her was an absolute pleasure.  I have not met anyone with her professionalism or talent.  Susan is a great communicator, and the best single recruiter I’ve met out of the dozens I’ve worked with.

She was focused on my wants and desires in my career search.  Susan always presented opportunities that were relevant and she was a great coach, advisor, and confident throughout the process.

Furthermore, Susan listened to my concerns and my complicated circumstances and helped garner a win-win solution between myself and the employer.  Absolutely outstanding!!!

Susan offered specific actionable and “phased” advise throughout the entire transition process.  She prepared me for the interviews, briefed me after the interviews, conducted follow-up conversations with the company, and helped me negotiate salary when and where the time was right.  After listening to all my concerns, she either validated them or re-directed me to think about things from a different perspective.

I started my new job a month and a half after we first talked about it.  Thank you Susan!!!


Udayan Patel

To: Matt & Co.,

By far the most professional and precise service I’ve received while in this business.  Matt always called to check up on me and see how things were going.  The process was fast and clear.  I look forward to working for my new employer and once again thanks for your unyielding support.

Mohamed Hassan

I received a message from Electronic Search, Inc. advertising for a position of Vice President with a digital media company.  I applied and soon I was contacted by Pat from the company about the position.  After a few sessions of interviews and discussions I got the job.

For the first time I was impressed by the extremely professional and appropriate handling of every aspect of my case by E.S.  I am happy that I connected with them and recommend everyone looking for a job to go through them.

Shomik Chaudhuri

Carl Schumacher got me a fantastic position at my new company and I am absolutely grateful he could see that I was a great fit for the position and the company.  Thank you again Carl!

Stefan Doser

Electronic Search Inc. bent over backwards for me to negotiate a great salary to cover my costs.  I can’t say enough great things about how helpful Steve Eddington was, as he kept me updated regularly and was always quick to reply to any of my questions.

Ted Martin

My experience with Electronic Search and Pat Riley has completely surpassed my expectations.  He made the entire interview process so seamless for me, and even offered some kind of advice that made me a stronger candidate.

Thank you!

Naly Yang

They say timing is everything.  I was engaged in a straight contract position – there was no chances for direct hire and no benefits were offered.

Due to an opening becoming available with Verizon Wireless that needed to be filled immediately I was contacted by Steve Eddington.  He saw my skills from 25 years with AT&T, that I was a perfect match.  I was interviewed the next day and put in my notice by the end of the week.

I now have a position with full benefits and one that I love.  There is already talk of direct hire in the future.

Thank you,

Steven Hall

Electronic Search did a fantastic job of placing me.  I received excellent coaching from Jason along the way.  I couldn’t be more pleased with the services provided and the end result.

Vince Abbate

Eric found my resume online and contacted me about a confidential posting he had.  He was regularly checking in throughout the process, giving me feedback from the hiring company and very honest about the process.  Everything ran perfectly smooth during the entire process.  It certainly helps having someone in your corner while going through what often times can be nerve-wracking and stressful.  Overall…fantastic!

Justin Stinson

I was looking for an opportunity that was more geared towards my goals and experience, but also challenging.  I had searched and found some opportunities, yet the feel of the actual role did not stand out.

I received an email from Eric Parker, and his email stood out.  Eric, who became my recruiter, is professional and nailed what I was searching for.  I am now going towards my desired goals and starting a job that I have always wanted.

I appreciate everything Eric did for me, and highly recommend him for others searching for the job you need and want.

Warmest Regards, Chantal Marshall

I received a call out of the blue from Electronic Search and within less than ten days, I was working at my new job.  I have dealt with many search firms, but never seen a level of service this high.  These professionals will work the deal until its completion.  This firm makes their own success from working hard for you.

Kip Sharp

I started working with Jason after our wireless division was shut down and we were let go.  Jason reviewed my resume thoroughly; discussed my skill-set, experiences and the jobs/roles that I was looking for in detail.

He got me a good role with my current company.  He even negotiated on my behalf and got me an attractive compensation package.

He constantly kept me updated about the progress of the offer throughout the process.  It was a pleasure to work with Jason and I would gladly recommend Jason (He was recommended to me by an ex-colleague who is a happy customer as well) to anyone in the process of searching for jobs.

Murugappan Thirugnana

I have interacted with Electronic Search over the years and been very pleased with your services.  Steve and Jason were very responsive and very professional in assisting me with my career search and subsequently finding me my new career opportunity.  I would be pleased to recommend you to all my colleagues.  Steve was extremely helpful and very easy to interact with.  I am very excited about my new company and my new position.

Gerald Papich

I worked with Pat Riley & Electronic Search and had a tremendous experience and successful outcome.  Pat was a consummate professional and managed the process to perfection every step of the way.  His professional knowledge and experience made my experience enjoyable and he was very effective in positioning my capabilities with the needs and requirements of the client company.  Anyone who works with Pat and Electronic Search will benefit from the experience.

Keith Fotta

I was stuck in job searching for 5 months until I received an email from Mr. Jason Parker, who is the best recruiter I know.  He is so reliable and professional.  He knows what his client needs and what his candidate fits.  And the process was extremely quick, I got a chance of face to face interview in 3 days since I sent out my resume to Jason, and got the job offer in another week.  So their work is effective and efficient in Electronic Search Inc.

Now I am so happy in a position that was exactly what I was searching.  I want to thank Jason for his outstanding work I will strongly recommend ESI to anyone who is looking for a job change.

Yu Liu

My personal experience working with Electronic Search, Inc. was very pleasant and rewarding.  It is clear that ESI knows the clients and what they are looking for.  The diligence at ESI permits/facilitates great matches between employment candidates and employers.  The team at ESI is dedicated, knowledgeable, and professional.

Sincerely yours,

Pat McGraw

I credit Pat Riley with match making me and the hiring manager.  It’s a very good match.  With apparent equal force, Pat endeavored to match the skills and potential the client required and ensure I would be successful in this critical role for the long term.  Everybody won.

Steve Palmer

Having worked with ESI before I was quite excited to have an opportunity brought to me by Susan.  In my search many “recruiters” send email after email and call after call without really knowing what my skill-set was.  Susan and Steve took the time to dig in and find my best talents and found me a position at a company I am very excited to have the opportunity to be a part of.  I would recommend their services to anyone who wants a professional experience and a shot at a great new position.

Michael Yeager

I was initially contacted by Matt in July 2013 and he took me to couple of positions but things did not work out initially but neither Matt nor I gave up and finally after six months again I was contacted for a position referred by ESI and fortunately this time everything went fine.  Thanks Matt for your support.  I will definitely refer ESI to my friends for their job hunt.

Nitin Tiwari

From Des Moines, IA to Irvine, CA Electronic Search, Inc. (Steve Eddington) helped me find a perfect job matching my experience, skills and qualification.  Steve demonstrated an exemplary professionalism in coordinating and in constantly providing feedback, clarity and mentoring.  My first contact with Steve was on December 23, 2013 and I got a job offer for this new job on February 3, 2014.

The whole experience was great.

Thanks Steve.

Zaki Mashood

I’ve had a great experience working with Jason Parker in my job placement.  After I inquired about a job opening emailed from Jason, he immediately contacted me and discussed the position with me in details.  Jason took great time and consideration to know my background, my experience, my ability and my expectation.

After the phone call, Jason did an excellent research to match my personal interest and expertise with the available openings.  He then submitted my resume to the hiring managers at two different companies.  Surprisingly the two companies arranged phone interviews within three days after my resume’s submission.  And I got the offers from both companies in less than four days after the onsite interviews.  Jason understood the technologies I had been working on very well.  He closely followed up with the hiring managers and me after each step.  Without his enthusiasm, ability and professionalism, I am still wandering around the job market.

I worked with other recruiters before I gave my resume to Jason.  However, I felt that most of those recruiters didn’t spend much time to understand my skills and talents that best match the job requirements.  What they did was simply collect and forward resumes without any follow-ups.  I become very marketable through Jason’s placement, but I felt like unfavorable through the other recruiter’s placements.

I would definitely recommend Jason to my friends, coworkers who look for opportunities in the future.


Gary Wang

Success is a measure of time.  I will let you know after some measure of it!  ESI was professional in all communications.

Robert Hetlam

I had the opportunity to work with Eric Parker from Electronic Search, Inc. when looking for my last Engineer job and I was under the impression of how professional and enthusiastic he was in assisting me getting the job.  From the beginning when he contacted me for the job opportunity to helping me out setting up the interview and until I got the official offer letter from the client, Eric made the entire process going smoothly and kept me up to date to stay on top of every status from the client.  It was a pleasure working with Eric and therefore I strongly recommend him for anyone out there who looks for a professional recruiter to help you finding the right career.

Travis Lam

In over 25 years as a professional, I found Pat Riley to be the best recruiter I’ve ever experienced! He was professional, dedicated, kind, caring, and dedicated to me and his client.  Case in point: He contacted me on linked-in on a Friday with a position. The next business day, we spoke and he sent my resume to the client.  The next day, I was having my phone interview with the HR Director.  A week later, I flew out for the job interview.  I started my first day at the company, three days later! If it wasn’t for his quick followup to me and his client throughout the process, it could have dragged on for months.  Instead, from when he first contacted me to my first day at the job, it was less than 3 weeks and during Thanksgiving holiday no less! I highly recommend Pat Riley to both candidates and companies looking to hire a candidate.

Elisha Lawrence

Great Job identifying a solid career match and working it through to an offer.

Dana Davis

Pat is a really professional recruiter.  According to my background, skills and experience, he can give me some good advice about how to deal with the phone interview and on-site interview.  I have a very good experience with Pat to get my current job!

Xiaoping Chen

I want to recommend ESI to anyone seeking employment.  The process was extremely quick and I was placed in a position that was exactly what I was looking for.  I want to thank Pat Riley for his excellent work and persistence throughout.

Thomas Williams

I was looking for a job change and I was referred to Electronic Search by one of my colleagues.  Jason from Electronic Search was working with me for the opportunity with his client.   My experience with Electronic Search was very pleasant and rewarding.  I was simultaneously working with other head hunters for my job search but Jason and Electronic Search stand out for providing the opportunity that was better on both the role as well as the compensation.  My offer was well negotiated by Electronic Search on my behalf.  In the end I chose their client’s offer over the others because the opportunity was an enhancement over my current job position.  I will definitely work with Jason and Electronic Search in the future and will strongly recommend them for anyone who is contemplating a job change.

Venkateswaran Tarakad

To be honest, I did not really expect Electronic Search Inc would help me so much with my job hunting.  However after several talks with Mr. Steve Eddington, I realize that these guys are really helping me.

I could say that without Steve’s efforts, I would never make it happen.  Steve gave me updates every day and contacted those companies actively.  He got so much patience during this process.

I would definitely recommend my friends to work with Electronic Search, Inc.

Thank you for all your help and support!

David Zhao, placed at Alcatel One Touch

Firstly, thank you Jason for placing me into a good company.  Since the first interaction I had with Jason, he has always ensured to inform me about opportunities that would interest me and provide me a platform for realizing my long term goals.  Jason took great time to get to know me, my situation and my interests.

He was always very meticulous throughout the recruitment process right from submitting my resume to the employer until I accepted the offer.  He always was on top of things and would update me regularly by email or by phone.

Hands down, Jason and ESI are the best placement/staffing resource and I would recommend them to anyone who wants to enhance their professional career!

Thanks a lot Jason!!

Praveen Vajrapu

Right from the beginning it was a fantastic and positive experience.  Jason was very helpful and informative.  His inputs on how to prepare, background of the interviewer, expectations were all spot on and he helped focus the preparation process.  Most of all it was delightfully heartening to see that it was not just about filling the position (most recruiters want to fill positions ASAP).  Jason took a keen interest in my expectation and understood what would help/align with my career objectives, while providing guidance as well.

I would happily go back to him in the future should there ever be a need.


Amogh Murthy

I was not currently looking for another job when Electronic Search contacted me, and I originally declined further talks about the opportunity they contacted me about.  Soon after I declined, they came back and described the strong level of interest the hiring company had to discuss their opportunity with me.  I decided to learn more about the opportunity and company.  As Jason Parker further described the opportunity, I felt I should be open to the possibilities.  After speaking with Jason, and the hiring company some more, I decided that the company could really be a strong fit for my career objections.  It was a hard evaluation to leave my current company, and Jason completely understood that.  He helped me through the decisions and evaluations all the way through the process.  I feel good about the decision I made to accept the offer from the hiring company, and I’m looking forward to the next stage of my career.

Vince Ford

Jason’s persistence and support throughout the very long process was exemplary.  His dedication to his clients and his work is noteworthy.  I wish him all the best and will with absolute certainty refer people to him.

Sassan Dehghan

I was very happy with Electronic Search and the help and guidance of Ms. Susan Fine.  From the time I was first contacted until I received an offer, I felt she was very helpful and understanding of my needs and goals.  I want to thank Ms. Fine and also Electronic Search for their help in this process.

Orin Jenckes

I was extremely pleased with the service and the results of my dealings with Electronic Search Inc.  I received a very competitive offer and job in my field of expertise.  I would recommend this service highly.

James Way

My experience with Laura and Electronic Search was outstanding.  She was able to get everything in order and made sure the company I wanted for my next career path suited my qualifications.  Laura helped me narrow down the job searches in the mobile industry and find which position best fit me.  For any further updates, Laura made sure I was very well informed and any further questions, she was able to answer them appropriately.  Laura and Electronic Search have definitely made this job transition much easier and were a pleasure to work with.  I want to personally thank Laura for all she has done the past month to help me achieve my next career goal.

Best Regards,

Kevin Yoon

Electronic Search, Inc. helped me connect with a great career opportunity that matched my skills & experience.  Their determination and great communication skills helped prevent me from loosing out on a great opportunity.  I truly thank Electronic Search for responding quickly to my question & concerns.  Their skills in matching a job opportunity with a job candidate is exquisite.  Both my new employer, that hired me thanks to Electronic Search, and I agreed in my interview.  Electronic Search works so efficiently and rapidly that they successfully got me an interview and offer letter within two weeks!  Electronic Search has hands down been the most efficient and effective way of getting a career ideal for my skills with minimal use of time and energy for both myself and my new employer.  Thank you Electronic Search, I will definitely use your services when I am in search for a job candidate.

Amy Hannum

It was a pleasure working with Electronic Search and with Laura Wilkins.  She provided me with the information needed to take the interview with the hiring manager.   The hiring process was very fast.  I will definitely recommend this company and will nto hesitate to refer any job seeker in my field of expertise to Laura.

Eli Amey

First of all, thanking Steve and Jason for their interest and support in placing me in a good company.  Right from the first time when Steve called me, he was always ensuring that a particular job that would be sent to me would suit my requirements.  One of the sentences he mentioned “If you don’t like working in a particular area, don’t do it.” Used to put me in a comfortable situation while dealing with job positions and saying yes or no to each of them.  I would recommend people looking for opportunities in Telecom Wireless to Electronic Search based on the experience I had so far.  Thank you Steve and your team for your work in my job placement.

Anirudh Kuntamukkala

I’d like to thank all the staff at ESI for a professional fast and pleasant job placement.  Although I haven’t been at 7 Layers long they really know how to make you feel welcome and that you are a part of something really big and exciting.  I feel privileged for the opportunity to work with such a collective and knowledgeable consortium of benevolent people and I hope to have a long and fruitful career at 7 Layers.  Once again thank you ESI staff for all your efforts.

Keith Malone

Carl was instrumental in connecting me to my future employer.

He informed me on what the employer was looking for in their candidate.  He helped me prepare for my interview.  Carl was very helpful to me in the usage of Skype.  I highly recommend Carl and ESI to my friends.

Once again, Thanks Carl!

George Saito

During my job search, Electronic Search was very attentive and fully understood both client and candidate needs to ensure a perfect fit.  After nearly twenty one years in the wireless industry; this was the first time I actually resigned from a company.  Since Electronic Search was successful in placing me with a global reputable company with a senior leadership role and very competitive compensation package.

Laura and Steve, thank you for making this a wonderful experience and smooth transition into my new role with a great company.

Steven Holt

I have dealt with Steve Eddington regarding the position of Sr. Solutions Manager.  Steve was wonderful throughout the process.  He followed up frequently and kept me in the loop.  He was very transparent and caring of my needs.  Steve is very experienced and great at what he does.  I would definitely recommend Steve and Electronic Search to any company and job candidate.  Thank you and keep up the good work.

Vanja Subotic

I was just recently hired for a position at nTelos.

Thanks to ESI for their referral services.  I appreciate all of ESI’s hard work and services.

I have even referred my girlfriend to ESI to assist her in her job search.


Delores Kelly

I was contacted by Jason Parker of ESI on February 5, 2013 in regards to an open Project Management position for R&S in Dallas, TX.  After discussing the position with Jason, I immediately felt confident in both his abilities and professionalism, but also in my own ability to sell my experience and expertise to R&S.

I have worked with other recruiters in the past that not only did not care to understand my skills and talents but did not seem to care about the (mutually beneficial) working relationship.  Jason was the exact opposite of everything I had come to associate with 3rd party recruiters.

Jason took great time and consideration to get to know me, my situation and my abilities in effort to help me most effectively.  The end result was an offer and opportunity to better my career and open other avenues for advancement.

Jason and the folks at ESI are true professionals and I would not hesitate to recommend or work with them in the future.

Charles L. Moran

BEST PLACEMENT COMPANY…..It was a great experience working with Electronic Search especially Dan Tobias who is a great person to work with.  When I talked to him the first time he explained things in a transparent way and answered all my questions I had at that time.

He updated me on every progress from submitting my resume to the employer until I got the job.  He always answered my phone calls and emails regularly without any delay.  (This is one of the best qualities Dan has)

I talked to so many different staffing companies before but ESI has a different way of approaching the relationship with their candidate.

I will keep in touch with Dan and recommend ESI to my friends to excel in their professional career.

Thanks ESI and Dan Tobias

Rahul Tyagi

My experience with Carl was great from start to finish.  He got me in front of multiple opportunities t consider and was diligent about following through at every step.  Best of all, he was an excellent sounding board at every step helping me make a great decision and find a dream job.


David Kurtz

I thoroughly enjoyed working with Ms. Susan Fine of Electronic Search, Inc.  She provided me with accurate and timely information on a job opportunity that matched my skills and career needs.  She diligently obtained further clarification on the job specifics.  Ms. Fine communicated regularly and promptly, staying in close contact and keeping me informed of the process.  She provided me with valuable coaching, ensuring that I was fully prepared for the interview.  She then effectively negotiated on my behalf with the employer to obtain the best compensation package.  I would use her services again and would recommend her to my colleagues.

It has been a pleasure working with you, and my thanks to you.

Best Regards, Orest Storoshchuk

It was a very good start to finish experience.

Susan was very thorough in explaining the opportunity and making sure that this is the right job and the next step I am looking for.

Susan made sure that every step of the way was followed through, prepared for and provided feedback after.

Expectations of the commitment were set and also at the hiring end she communicated appropriately.

I had a great experience and learned a lot through the process. I will definitely recommend and work with ESI again in the future.

Thanks, Raj Chilukuri

Carl was extremely attentive and helpful throughout the process. He approached me with an excellent opportunity and was there every step of the way.


David McCallister

In June, I had my resume professionally re-written by a well known resume writing service.  I had been actively searching for a full-time direct hire role since 2010 when I was laid off from my position at Reed Business Information.  During my search I found a few freelance and consulting positions to keep my skills fresh and money coming in.

I received an email from Matt regarding a full-time opportunity doing email marketing at Mercola which I thought would be ideal for me.  It was a whirlwind process once mutual interest was established.  Matt got me in touch with the hiring manager at Mercola and I accepted a full-time offer within a week of our initial contact.  In less than two months from the time I revamped my resume, Matt found me and helped place me into a job I had been searching for over two years to find!

Thanks Matt and Electronic Search!

Martin Idziak

I was contacted by Ms. Susan Fine regarding an open Senior RF position with a leading telecommunication company.  All the steps were successfully taken under Susan’s supervision, and both the employee and the employer are satisfied with Electronic Search Inc’s services.

I do appreciate all Susan’s effort and hard work in coordinating the process from beginning to end, and I will gladly help Electronic Search Inc in the future with the task of locating resources in the wireless and telecommunication industries.


Saeid Nejad

Working with Steve was absolutely amazing. He took the time to get to know me, and what I was really looking for regarding my career. Steve kept in daily contact, set up and prepared me for the interviews. In the end he delivered an excellent offer that I accepted.

It was a pleasure to work with Steve and ESI. I would highly recommend ESI to anyone searching for a new position.

Thank you Steve for everything!

Best Regards, Iva Krstik

I am a wireless communications professional. I have been working in this field form last ten years. I was doing an intern job before my graduation in December 2011. After my graduation from graduate school, I was seeking a full time job. Before I landed to my current job, I have posted my resume online and applied many my profile matching vacant positions.

One day I received a voice mail regarding a full time job asking to call in a given number to discuss more detail about a probable opportunity. The voice mail was from Mr. Steve Eddington, president, Electronic Search, Inc. I called back to him in the given number and we spoke more about job requirement.

He arranged phone and on personal interview within two days with my current employer. I performed well on my interview and they selected me. Though I had multiple offers at the same time, I opted for the recommendation of Mr. Eddington and selected my current job as a long term position.

I found Mr. Eddington reliable, having excellent communication skills, professional demeanor and dedicated to his client. I can confidently recommend Electronic Search, Inc. as a solid and reliable staffing solutions and expert in hiring professional people.

Deepak R. Joshi, PhD

During my hiring process Electronic Search made sure I always stood informed throughout the process. They made sure I received my desired income and always made me feel they had my best interest in mind.

Mr. Carl Schumacher was very professional in his approach from start to finish. Even when he wasn’t available to answer my question, there was someone from his team there to help out.

I want to send a very warm and grateful Thank You to Carl Schumacher and Steve Eddington for all their help. I’m now a Project Manager and couldn’t be happier in my position!

Best Regards,

Jesus Ramos

Jason did an outstanding job in helping me with my recent career change.

Jason understood my needs and presented me with a couple of excellent opportunities.

He helped me in making the right decision and was a pleasant experience for me to work with Jason during the entire process.

I wanted to thank Jason for his excellent service and recommend Jason and ESI as your partners in search.


Abi Xavier

My experience with Electronic Search was wonderful! The Recruiters, especially Carl Schumacher was great to work with; he explained the procedures and the next steps of what to expect clearly and answered any and all questions that I had.

ESI was able to connect me directly to a wonderful employer; they made the transition from being a candidate to an employee an easy one.

Thank you for giving me one of the best experiences I ever had!

Esperanza Jenkins-Hardiman

Working with Jason was a nice experience and I am very pleased working with him. He kept me updated with the progress and courtesy to call and email me when needed.

I never worked with a recruiter before, but after working with Jason, I think I will keep in touch with him and will recommend him to my friends too.

Thanks Jason.

Ganesh Prabu

Working with Jason Parker at Electronic Search, Inc. was a very positive experience for me. ESI is a very professional placement service which is very hard to find these days in this market. Thank you Jason Parker, and thank you ESI.

Bhavin Patel

I am skeptical of recruiters. I have never had much success dealing with them. I didn’t have high expectations when I sent ESI my resume and cover letter. When they got back to me, it was quite clear that they had reviewed my qualifications very closely, so much so that the recruiter, Matt, matched my qualifications to another role at the same company I had expressed interest in.

Matt kept in contact daily during the process of reviewing my candidacy, setting up the interview, giving me feedback and ultimately delivering a good offer that I accepted.

I have referred some of my best friends to ESI.

Rich Ochoa

Steve and Laura were amazing, so fast with returning phone calls and emails. They are a first class team who I highly recommend!!!


Danielle Rudd

Dear Jason Parker,

It has been a long journey, working with you. Resulting in ultimate success for both of us. We have been in contact for about a year, if not more. You have been very good, extremely helpful. You have set me up with many great interviews.

You never gave up on me, prior to the interviews, the process; you took time in getting to know me and my professional background, that was very professional on your part. I have worked with many recruiters, but you and your organization has no competition, you stand alone as a leader in your industry.

I thank you deeply, thank you for your valuable time. Most of all thank you for setting me up with a great position, with Marketron. A place where my mindset is to establish a long term career. Thank you again. It has been a pleasure working with you Jason.


Jeff Padilla

The team at Electronic Search were professional, on the ball and through. They made the interview process easy and maintained constant contact with updates and schedules. I would recommend them to any hiring company or job seeker.

Kemp Mullhaney

I got in touch with Jason Parker when I had to move to a new city due to personal reasons. I had a good job and the job market at the new city was not so great, so I was very skeptical, but Jason rightly identified my needs and referred my resume to my current employers.

He was very thorough in following up with the company and communicating to me each step of the process. Without Jason’s contacts and expertise, I couldn’t have landed this job.

I will definitely recommend Electronic Search to anyone looking for a new opportunity.

Thank you Jason!

Sangeeta Iyer

Jason Parker and Matt Moran have provided excellent services in helping me advance my career.

Their targeted opportunity research and broad reach into the employer space has enabled me to find a position that is both challenging and a good fit for my expertise.

I would also like to highlight the perfect guidance through the (employer-defined) hiring process and thank Jason and Matt from Electronic Search for their services.


Ulf Poelhe

My job search began more that a year before I contacted ESI on the recommendation of a former colleague. Susan Fine called me back very shortly and we discussed my background and professional interests. At that time nothing that suited my needs was available. Given the current job market and my inability to relocate, I did not expect to hear back from Susan anytime soon. Much to my surprise she contacted me several months later with what turned out to be a perfect fit. I was able to move to a company with a better long term future and it came with a pay increase.

Susan did a great job of keeping me up to speed as to the status of the interviews and participated in and was there for any advice I needed during and after the interviews.

Susan, this is dragging on a bit long! Bottom Line: I will recommend ESI whenever the opportunity presents itself.

Sue Stengel

Susan was instrumental in my search for employment and final connection/employment with Associated Carrier Group LLC. Ms. Fine took time to explain the job requirements and how I could fit in. She listened to my concerns and coordinated better than I had anticipated.

It only took about a week from initial phone interview to job offer and acceptance. I appreciate Ms. Fine in helping me during the entire process.

Thanks so much!

Thomas Nguyen

Dan did a great job of connecting me with a position at Recellular and smoothing communications with them and myself. His performance representing ESI was and is outstanding as he continually offered help and listened to any questions that surfaced. I recommend Dan to anyone looking for a position in the fields ESI handles.

Thank you,

Jacob Phillips

In three weeks to a dream job – that essentially summarizes my experience with Carl Schumacher and his team at Electronic Search.

Carl’s excellent knowledge about his client and their requirements helped me tailoring my resume to catch the hiring manager’s attention. His briefings on whom I will be talking with greatly supported the conversations on the phone and the in-person interview. At any time during the process I was well informed and prepared for the game.

I was not looking for a new opportunity and it turned out to be the job I was always looking for. Thank you, Carl and team.

Rudolf J Streif

It has been a great experience working with both Susan and James. Their professional skills and patience were very helpful to assist me in finding the job.

Roger Luo, 8/8/2010

Carl was good in following through and with frequent communication with the employer to ensure an interview opportunity and eventual offer.

Ray Biagan

Jason maintained the fast pace of the opportunity throughout. He was well connected to the client and communicated very well throughout. During negotiations Jason maintained a good balance of looking after my interest and the interest of the client. I would not have found this great opportunity without Electronic Search.

Ken Foan

I have been doing contract work as a drive tester and handset tester for sometime (11 yrs drive testing and 2 yrs handset testing).

I really thought I’d be stuck in contracting forever, not being able to plan anything or not knowing when I’d be at home or not even knowing how much $$ I would make in a given year.

Electronic Search contacted me about this position and I went through the interview process and was lucky enough to land the job. I might add that I am the only non-engineer working in this position for Metrico and will work hard to insure others may get a chance in the future.

Thank you Electronic Search.


Soon after being contacted by Mr. Sean Scala, I received calls from both the President of the targeted company and the VP of Sales.  Within 3 days I was in Houston and accepted an offer that met the terms I was wanting.

Great job by Sean and Electronic Search.


Al Tilley

Jason Parker assisted in helping me obtain a terrific position as a product manager with a leading global test and measurement company. Jason was always on top of things, promptly returned my calls and followed through with every step of the process.

Jason and his colleagues at ESI have a first-rate knowledge of the telecom and test and measurement industry, and are head-and-shoulders above other firms that I’ve worked with in the past.

I look forward to my new position and thank Jason and ESI for closing the deal. I gladly recommend Electronic Search, Inc. and know that those who work with them will be highly satisfied.

Best regards,

Jonathan Leitner

The recruiters at ESI were very thorough in preparing me for each interview and vetting my background and accomplishments. They continually stayed in contact with me throughout the process, in particular, “pushing” when necessary when the process seemed to bog down.


I would not hesitate to recommend ESI to a friend looking to initiate a career change and have already begun to refer associates to Susan and Matt.



Walt Bolil

I would like to mention that I benefited a lot from Electronic Search. Steve Eddington was really friendly and was quick to understand my job situation and was very friendly with his questions. Also he could find the right company – Cetecom that fit my needs. He was always in touch with me and Cetecom to get things done on time and get the process going all the time. I would recommend Electronic Search to anybody who is looking for a job.

Shilpesh Katragadda

Matt was perfect from start to finish. His professional and polished approach made the whole process smooth and effective. The result was that Matt’s help was the key to getting me in front of the right people and getting me hired. I would recommend Matt and Electronic Search to any company looking to hire good and qualified people for their organization.

Chris Sessa

Carl and Steve, I want to sincerely thank Electronic Search Inc for all your commitment, patience, and persistence in helping me land a fantastic position with a large global telecommunications equipment and technology services company. Carl, over the 5 years that we have known each other, I have never known a day when you were anything but positive, professional and encouraging. Your faith and belief in my value and me transcended the stage of “finding a job”, and reached the pinnacle with my recent landing. The relationship formed over the time I have known Steve and Carl was developed through mutual interest and care about me as a person first. The real success story here is that a business contact turned into a long-term relationship, that turned into a friendship that ultimately turned into a partnership resulting in a great career fit in a very tough economic market.

Warmest Regards,

Wil Schmedes

Electronic Search assisted me in obtaining my new position as the Director of Midwest Sales with ShotSpotter, Inc. I worked with Debbie Schumacher and Lane Eddington from Electronic Search. I found both Debbie and Lane to be highly professional and very helpful in interview scheduling and preparation. They also promptly followed up with the company and provided me with good feedback on my interviews. I would not hesitate recommending others to use the services of Electronic Search.

Carroll E. Allison

Electronic Search, Inc. was a great help in finding me a new job. I had recently separated from the military and was in the process of looking for a new career. I had a solid education and diverse background bug wasn’t having any luck finding employment. Then one day a friend of mine sent me an email that had originated with Dan York from Electronic Search. In the email Dan stated that he was looking for a person that fit my background and also lived in Houston. I called Dan and asked if he could set me up with an interview. One interview led to the next and before you knew it I had a job. Dan York did a fantastic job assisting me and providing me with advice throughout the process. He arranged the interview for me, screened my references, gave me interviewing tips, assisted with the salary negotiation, and then followed up with me after I had started working with my new company. I appreciate all of the hard work that Dan York and the rest of the Electronic Search staff put into helping find my new career and I would certainly use them again in the future.

Chris Preston


I wish to thank you & Electronic Search for connecting me to Data911. Your professionalism and follow-up helped me make this new employment opportunity a true success.

Gratefully Yours,

Steven Parker

Your service is highly recommended. It’s very easy to work with you. I feel very comfortable and think that the time you spent was very helpful to make my job hunting much easier and more pleasant. Thank you very much for all your assistance.

Yours Sincerely,

Shiping He

The first time that Debbie and I worked together on a CBS mobile posting, they passed on me, and I thought that was it. But another opportunity came up there a few months later, and it was perfect for me – more importantly, I was a perfect fit for the job.

With Carl’s help, I was submitted for the job. The interview process was tough, and the competition was fierce. But it all came together, and I’m now a happy new member of the CBS mobile team. Big thanks to Carl and Debbie and Electronic Search!

Brett Kotheimer


I am delighted to report that Electronic Search has helped me move closer to my dream by helping me secure this challenging position as Product Manager for Rohde & Schwarz. From the first call trying to get some more background information about my qualification all the way through to the signing of the employment contract was a phenomenal experience. Your support was great, and your knowledge of the telecommunication industry is also outstanding. I am very grateful for the help that Electronic Search provided to me during this process. Keep up the good work guys.


A.K. Emarievbe

Electronic Search was instrumental in maximizing my occupational goals. I was not even looking for employment at the time they contacted me. They called me after finding my resume on an employment posting website.

After explaining to me their aspirations as a company to help me grow in my field, I gave them my attention. I gave them very specific details on what I needed in order to move my family from my current location. Not only did they achieve that, but they exceeded it ten times over. After accepting the offer, they continued to work hard to see that every detail was covered. I would have never considered moving without ESI.

I would particularly like to thank Sean Scala. If it were not for him, I would have never given it a chance.

Dan York

Electronic Search, Inc.

Corporate Headquarters

5105 Tollview Drive Suite 245

Rolling Meadows, IL 60008

Dear Mr. York,

Here I am now working for a great organization, Tait North America Incorporated. The response from your organization made it possible. From the first contact with Electronic Search, Inc., to signing, the communication has been top notch. Electronic Search knows the RF industry and what the demands are for the industry. They manage to find appropriate candidates for placement within the industry.

I will highly recommend Electronic Search, Inc. to others seeking employment within the RF industry.


Christopher G. Herring, C. Tech

Dear Dan,

I am happy to report that Electronic Search helped me find my new career path! The process was as smooth and seamless as possible. Dan guided me through the entire process. He even took the extra step to call me during a blizzard in Chicago to inform me that a written offer was on it’s way. I’m so excited to be at a growing company in a new field where I can continue to learn every day.

I would recommend Electronic Search to anyone!

Best Regards,

Jenn Campoli


It was great working with you on this opportunity. I liked especially that you were open and honest and kept me up to date on the status.

I also liked being treated as a client and a person, and not just a body to fill a req.

I am looking forward to working with you on the upcoming positions to fill.



I was offered a great opportunity that takes advantage of my skills and experience, and also has a great future. I’m very excited. I’m glad Electronic Search was there for me and I appreciate the service they offer.

Kathy Hepburn

I’ve worked with recruiting firms in the past, but John Miller and Susan Fine were two of the best. When one opportunity didn’t work out, they didn’t give up and found an even better opportunity. But instead of pushing to fill a slot immediately, they took extra care to ensure this was a good fit for me, my family, and their client. They asked many questions not only about my career and goals, but the needs of my family. They showed great patience as we weighed this big decision in our lives and worked with all of us to get all the information possible to make the correct decision. Such professionalism instilled great confidence that I was working with great people and a great firm.

They also connected me with an excellent relocation services firm. They helped greatly with everything, from movers, realtors, and mortgage companies. Electronic Search is the closest thing to a “one stop shop” that I’ve encountered.

Thanks to John and Susan, I have a great career and a great life in one of the best kept secrets in the country. Thank you so much, John, Susan, and everyone else at Electronic Search.

P.S. Enjoy the steaks!

John Benal

Working with Owen was a pleasure. He was quick to respond to requests for information and kept me up-to-date with developments towards the end of the process.

Kenneth Peirce

Electronic Search found two excellent opportunities for me quickly and facilitated all interviews and correspondence. I chose one of the opportunities and am very happy in that new position.

I would recommend them to both employers and candidates in the wireless technology field.

Karen White

The folks at Electronic Search were a big help with getting my current position. Very friendly and personable, they had lots of tips and inside information about the potential employer which helped me prepare for my interviews. I’m grateful for their help and support.

DR Spencer

Steve was the best. He found me a job while I was still working at my previous job. My job hunt was effortless on my end. Steve even fought for what I want at my current position. This is the best job search experience I’ve ever had. A++++. Thank you, Electronic Search.


Electronic Search found me a hip job in a relaxed atmosphere doing what I want to do where I want to do it. I think my quality of life just went up a notch!

David Lindez

I was impressed with the professionalism and timely manner that Owen York handled the overall recruiting process. From the time he made first contact with me to the time the employment offer was extended. Owen York kept me updated with timely telephone calls and emails. In the past I have dealt with various recruiting agencies, but no one compares to the efficiency and professionalism of Electronic Search.

Jimmy Peredo

Electronic Search exceeded my expectations in every way. This is the first time ever that I have given a search firm an “idea” of a position that I would like to have and get exactly what I asked for, and more! Sincerely, thank you Electronic Search!

Chance Bradshaw

Electronic Search, Inc., in a nut-shell, is a top-notch organization whose Technical Recruiters provide the highest quality in customer service and integrity without peers! Not only did I find your service crème-de-la-crème, but absolutely invaluable during my job search. Your organization has acted consistently in my best interest both as my mentor and agent – preparing me for any situation and negotiating for the best salary. It certainly is my pleasure to recommend Electronic Search, Inc. to anyone without reservation!

Thank you so very much for your diligent effort and hard work!

Indebted Always,
Ed MacGowan

I was contacted by Carl Schumacher the first time in April this year while I was still located in Sweden since my last contract at Ericsson. Next time Carl contacted me in July about a position in Irvine, California with the job description and required skills for the position. My background matched this position very well, and I replied and indicated I was very interested. I also told Carl I was returning back to the US with my wife next month. Almost immediately after we were back in the US, Carl arranged an interview with the client in California. The interview was successful and I was offered a job within a few days. I accepted the offer, and I have now been working for this company a few days, and I really like it.

John Rorvall

Hi, I guess that my story is complicated but simple at the same time. Susan and Steve were very nice and patient through the whole process. They really took good care of me and follow through calls and requests. My case got complicated because of the wait for my work visa approval, but everything turned out to be fine and now I am very happy working at my new job. Professionally and personally I feel very motivated, and I highly recommend Electronic Search because they care about the people.

Thank you,
Luis Magana

I can not say enough good things about my ESI experience! Carl was more than a recruiter, he was a mentor, guidance counselor, and a friend. Not only did I get the job I wanted, I gained life long job skills.

Thank you,
Michael Suman

Thanks to Carl Schumacher of ESI, I will now be employed with a stable company, and will be starting a new career as a Training Specialist. From the beginning, when Carl called me about two positions available, he felt confident that I would do well in either position. That boosted my confidence as I went into each individual interview. I now have the opportunity to travel and train. Thanks again Carl!

Rafael Adame

The group at Electronic Search was very professional and informative. They insured I was prepared for the interview by providing detailed information. Sean Scala was a pleasure to work with and a consummate professional. I truly enjoyed the personal approach I received and I landed a great career opportunity thanks to his diligence and hard work.

Best Regards,
Michael Green

I would like to use this opportunity to thank Electronic Search, Inc. for their personnel’s professional attitude and services. Through ESI, I was able to obtain a career position that fits my career path. Every procedure, from the initial contact to the actual on-site interview was very straight forward. Same goes for the hiring process, as they were able to serve as the bridge between me and my soon-to-be employer, answering most of my questions and concerns. Thank you once again!

Raymond Yung